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IHP Network

The International Hydrological Programme (IHP) is the intergovernmental scientific cooperation program of UNESCO in the field of water research, management, education and capacity building on water resources.

The Job Network IHP-LAC, is reflected in a series of programs, Chairs and Centres related to water resources of the International Hydrological Programme:

CAZALAC is part of the World Network of IHP Regional, one of the Centers Category II under the auspices of UNESCO and whose activities are focused on the issues of water resources management in arid zones of ALC.


FRIEND - Flow Regimes from International Experimental and Network Data Promotes the integration and strengthening of the scientific research and cooperation mechanisms in the region, working on understanding,  data analysis and the accurate management of water resources.

FRIEND is a cross-cutting project included in the scientific agenda of the International Hydrological Programme.  FRIEND was established in 1985, with the following working objectives:

  • Improving region-scale spatial and temporal understanding of the hydrological regime
  • Sharing data from selected observation networks and experimental basins
  • Sharing and improving the hydrological analysis tools
  • Detecting trends due to climate variability and change
  • Detecting the human impact on the hydrological regime


HELP - Hydrology for the Environment, Life and Policy

HELP Provides a new approach to river basins integrated management through the creation of a water law framework , where policy experts, water managers and hydrologists work together on water-related issues.

Established in 1999, HELP is a cross-cutting programme component: it interacts with all five core themes of the programme by establishing a global network of basins to improve the links between hydrology and the needs of society. The vital importance of water in sustaining human and environmental health has been widely recognized by numerous national and international forums, but no programme has so far addressed key water resources management issues in the field and integrated them with policy and management.

HELP is designed to change this by creating a new approach to integrated basins management. It is a problem- and demand-driven initiative that addresses five key policy issues:

  • Water and climate
  • Water and food
  • Water quality and human health
  • Water and the environment
  • Water and conflict


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