The Community of Practice on Drought Managment Tools


Recognizing the importance of international collaboration to the development of effective drought information tools and the critical need for these tools in an increasingly water-stressed world, the Community of Practice was created to support the development and use of drought information tools. This Community will be embedded in regional networks, such as Aridas-LAC, the Center for Natural Resources and Development (CNRD) and the UNESCO Global Network for Water and Development Information for Arid Lands (G-WADI), in close collaboration with the Columbia University Global Centers.

The Community of Practice on Drought Management encourages dialogue and collaboration as a means to inform and accelerate the development and use of effective drought information tools. The Community enables all members of the group to share information and experiences with each other, providing members with an opportunity to exchange knowledge. It also creates an agenda to support students and researchers to identify new topics of research, connecting individuals from around the world and allowing them to work together on topics of similar interest.


A set of activities are foreseen in the framework of the Community of Practice on Drought Management Tools:

Development of a Drought Expert Database

The Drought Expert Database was launched in January 2014 to provide the community with an overview of experts, institutes, projects, publications and events that are dealing with drought management issues. 

All members of the Community of Practice have access to the Database and can make modification to their records.

More details on the Drought Database is provided here and can be accessed here or at

Drought Management Blog

A blog will be implemented providing a discussion forum for members of the Community of Practice on Drought Management Tools.Each month a contribution will be provided from a member from the network, providing insights into a specific drought problem or lessons learned.

The Drought Management Blog will be available on the home page of the Community of Practice, and can be accessed here.


7 January 2013

The preliminary drought expert database is available online.

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