Soil Water Management for drought mitigation


Support alternative soil water management solutions in vulnerable drylands to optimize available water resources and increase water use efficiency.

Deficit Irrigation

Deficit irrigation techniques aim at optimizing water use efficiency, by reducing water usage to irrigate fully during the most sensitive crop stages, while reducing water usage in the remaining crop stages.

As a pilot study, deficit irrigation in vulnerable drylands of Bolivia was targeted.

Activities involve:

  • The Production of a manual for water and soil fertilization application in quinoa production systems based on agro-climatic information in the Bolivian Altiplano.

Download the 'Manual for the management of soil fertility under deficit irrigation for Quinoa production systems on the Bolivian Altiplano' here.

  • Dissemination of the results to local farmers and school staff members, through a workshop on Conservation of Soil and Water in Andes Countries (COSWAND).



15-16 November 2012

The COSWAND Training was held in La Paz, Bolivia, to train local farmer communities in the use of fertilizer apllications to improve (deficit) irrigation efficiency.

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