Training Course on Surface and Groundwater


The main objective is to reinforce professional and technical capacity building in the analysis of surface and underground water systems in semiarid environments and basins, especially the relations and interactions between surface and ground water resources.

Training on Adaptive Water Management - 2012

The "Training Institute on Adaptive Management of Water Resources under Climate Change in Vulnerable River Basins" was held in La Serena, Chile, from 8-17 October, 2012.

The course explored the increasing pressure on water resources, especially in arid and semiarid regions, climate change, hydroclimatic variability, population growth, urbanization, rising demands for food, societal vulnerability and ecosystem water needs.


Training Institute on Adaptive Water-Energy Management in the Arid Americas - 2013

The training involved advanced conceptual and practical training by international experts in the use and adoption of tools to address linkages between water resources and conventional and non-conventional energy, and interdisciplinary physical and social science approaches to water and energy joint management. The Water Evaluation and Planning System (WEAP) and Long-range Energy Alternatives Planning (LEAP) models will be used to strengthen diagnostic skills and support integrated policy and co-management of water and energy.


Training on Remote Sensing for Water Management - 2015

Course programme and venue is currently being evaluated.


8-17 October 2012

The Training Institute on adaptive management of water resources under climate change in vulnerable river basins, was held in La Serena, Chile, and brought together 25 professionals from 10 countries.

MWAR LAC - Managing Water Resources in Arid and Semi-Arid Regions of Latin America and the Caribbean