Closure meeting of the MWAR-LAC project

Brussels, Belgium, 24-25 February. The UNESCO International Hydrological Programme (IHP) initiated the project on Management of Water Resources in Arid and Semiarid zones of Latin America (‘MWAR-LAC’) in 2012 within the...[more]

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Final Meeting Report of the Glacier Retreat Project

The coordination meeting of the UNESCO-IHP project ‘The Impact of Glacier Retreat in the Andes: International Multidisciplinary Network for Adaptation Strategies’ took place 3-4 September in Santiago de Chile. Advances of the...[more]

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MWAR-LAC collaborates with Ministry of Agriculture on a new project funded by the British Council

The objective of the project is to generate the necessary tools for drought monitoring and assessment of drought vulnerability, with the aim to strengthen drought management and policy to move from crisis management towards...[more]

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International Expert Symposium “Coping with Droughts

The occurrence of droughts in Latin America and the Caribbean has a large impact on societies and local economies, causing long-term consequences for countries and their population (IDB, 2000). [more]

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Flood and Drought Monitor for Latin America and the Caribbean conducts technology transfer in Santiago de Chile

Predicting current and future periods of flooding and drought is the main characteristic that the Monitor System for Latin America and the Caribbean offers. The Monitor was designed to forecast these phenomena. With the goal of...[more]

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Reduce the vulnerability of water supply: regional workshop on techniques for projecting drought

Will there be sufficient water? With what frequency will droughts occur? How will we deal with the extreme events of water scarcity? Those questions and the challenge to create decadal projections, reliable at a regional and...[more]

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International Workshop on the Development of near-term climate scenarios for vulnerable watersheds

In the framework of the MWAR-LAC project and with support from the RALCEA project (managed by CAZALAC in colaboration with the Joint Research Center), this workshop will take place in La Serena, Chile, between 3 and 8 August[more]

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MWAR LAC - Managing Water Resources in Arid and Semi-Arid Regions of Latin America and the Caribbean