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Session 3

Decision Support Systems for Drought Management



Colby Fisher, Nathaniel Chaney, Justin Sheffield, Eric F. Wood (Princeton University, USA)

“The Latin American and Caribbean Flood and Drought Monitor” [Abstract][Presentation]


Paulo Barbosa and Hugo Carrao (JRC, Italy  – Remote Contribution)

“EUROCLIMA Desertification Land Degradation and Drought Observatory” [Abstract][Presentation]


Oscar Rojas (FAO, Italy)

“Watching Agricultural Drought Worldwide - from Space” [Abstract][Presentation]



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Cases studies on Drought Decision Support Systems in LAC

Antonio Yaksic, Koen Verbist, Walter Baethgen, Jorge Nuñez and Jan Van Wambeke (UNEA, Ministry of Agriculture, Chile)

“The Chilean Agroclimatic Observatory: decision support for climate risk management”[Abstract][Presentation]


Fernando Chiock y Waldo Lavado(ANA, Peru)

Observatorio Nacional de Sequías y primera iniciativa de monitoreo y difusión en el Perú” [Abstract][Presentation]


Andres Ravelo and Jose Carlos Douriet Cardenas (CONAGUA, Mexico)

“Determinación de la vulnerabilidad y el riesgo de sequías en Sinaloa, México” [Abstract][Presentation] and R. E. Zanvettor, J.A. Santa y A.C. Ravelo (CREAN, Argentina)

Determinacion de Patrones Geo-Temporales de Ocurrencia de Sequias en Argentina[Abstract][Presentation]


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Luis Samaniego, Rohini Kumar, Matthias Zink, Stephan Thober and Andreas Marx (Helmholtz-Centre for Environmental Research-UFZ, Germany)

“Lessons learnt on drought monitoring and early warning system in Germany” [Abstract][Presentation]


R. Roberto, Carmona, Verbist, Guerrero, P. Barbosa, Brito, H. Barbosa, Vázquez and Puig (INSMET, Cuba)

“Demanda de un Sistema de Alerta Temprana, que contribuya a una mejor gestión de sequias intraestivales en Centroamérica y el Caribe” [Abstract]fileadmin/imagenes2/symposium_nov_2014/Demanda_de_un_Sistema_de_Alerta_Temprana.pdf


María Elena Fernández Long, Liliana Spescha, Gonzalo M. Díaz and Lorena Ferreira (UBA, Argentina)

“Balance hidrológico a partir de estimaciones de precipitación TRMM” [Abstract][Presentation]


Sproles, Zambra, Kerr, Orrego N and D. Lopez A. (CEAZA, Chile)

“Developing a scientific- and community-based understanding of water resources from the ground up in northern Chile” [Abstract][Presentation]


Franziska Zander, N.Kretschmer, A. Nauditt, O. Astudillo, C. Orrego, R. Godoy y P. Alvarez  (University of Jena)

Centro-Norte-Chile River Basin Information System (RBIS)” [Abstract][Presentation]


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Session 4

Drought Assessment and Management in River Basins



J. Andreu, A. Solera, Paredes-Arquiola and Perez (UPV, Valencia, Spain)

“Monitoring Indicators and Decision Support Systems for Drought Planning and Management in Jucar Water Resource System, Spain” [Abstract][Presentation]


Claudia Vezzani (Autorità di Bacino del Fiume Po, Italy)

“Drought management and early warning in the Po River Basin” [Abstract][Presentation]


Alexandra Nauditt, Lars Ribbe, P. Alvarez, R. Becker and N. Kretschmer (ITT, Germany)

“Drought management on catchment scale: indicators, tools and challenges. The Limarí Case Study, Chile” [Abstract][Presentation]


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Oscar Melo, Javiera Perez and Sebastian Vicuña (UCatólica, Chile)

“Percepciones y Acciones Frente al Cambio Climático y las Sequias en

Tres Cuencas de Chile” [Abstract][Presentation]


Rivera, Penalba and Araneo (CONICET, Mendoza, Argentina)

“Hydrological drought assessment over the Argentinean Andes. Links with

intra-seasonal to inter-decadal climate variations” [Abstract][Presentation]


Christian Birkel (Universidad de Costa Rica/University of Aberdeen, Costa Rica)

“Patterns and drivers of hydrological drought in Costa Rica ” [Abstract][Presentation]


Maisa Rojas, Deniz Bozkurt, Jonás Valdivieso, Mark Falvey (UChile, Chile)

“Drought impact on streamflows in central-Southern Chile under climate change” [Abstract][Presentation]


Eduardo Salgado and N. Livellara(Pontificia  Universidad Católica de Valparaiso, Chile)

“Innovación y rentabilidad para pequeños agricultores.  Caso de estudio: transferencia tecnológica en la provincia de Petorca, Chile central” [Abstract][Presentation]


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Coffee (integrated in breakout sessions)


Breakout Session of the Working Groups

Working Group 1

Drought Monitoring and Early Warning web based platforms




Regional diagnostic on currently used systems in LAC/ worldwide

17:00 – 18:00

Working Group discussion on action plan for regional collaboration and the development of a roadmap for the implementation of national/regional drought monitoring and early warning systems.

Working Group 2

Drought Management in Catchments




a.       European drought research demand; updating European drought management tools with catchment scale indicators and their web based presentation (Lars Ribbe)

b.      proposal for Jucar Basin   (J. Andreu, UValencia)

c.       proposal for Po Basin (Claudia Vezzani, Po Basin Association)

d.      proposal for Huasco Basin (Koen Verbist)

e.      proposal for Limarí Basin (Alexandra Nauditt)

17:00 – 18:00

Working Group discussion:  Proposal update and next steps

Working Group 3

Drought Mitigation and Policy in the context of Climate Change



Regional diagnostic on current projects in LAC on drought policy and mitigation:

a.       TBC-Euroclima project (TBC-Humberto Barbosa)

b.      TBC-Cuenca del pacifico (TBC-Heitor Matallo)

c.       TBC-Proyecto Adaptación al cambio climático (TBC)

17:00 – 18:00

·         Working Group discussion on how drought policy should be articulated within national climate change adaptation plans.

·         Development of work plan on drought policy and mitigation within the context of Climate Change

·         Development of preliminary proposals for follow-up projects in LAC

MWAR LAC - Managing Water Resources in Arid and Semi-Arid Regions of Latin America and the Caribbean