Key topics

The following topics related to drought management in semi-arid catchments will be addressed during the expert meeting:

-   Drought Monitoring and development of drought alert information systems

-   Illustration of key case studies on Droughts (extent, impacts, drought risk strategies) in Latin America

-   Regional climate scenarios and probability assessment concerning the occurrence of droughts

-   Drought observation, remote sensing and development of drought indices

-   Drought  management including reservoir management and irrigation on river basin scale

-   Drought assessment and management in mountainous catchments with pluvio-nival regimes

-   Drought vulnerability: human impacts on drought disasters

-   Agricultural and irrigation water management

-   Integrated water supply and storage options (water harvesting, soil/aquifer water storage)

-   Drought policy and mitigation

Target Participants

-   Expert scientists from Latin America and Semi-Arid Regions Worldwide

-   Decision and policy makers, Stakeholders from Ministry of Agriculture, Local and National Water Authorities, Governmental Agencies and research Institutes

-   International governance experts and NGOs

-   ITT and CNRD network partners

-   UNESCO G-WADI network partners

-   University of Columbia Global Centers network

-   ARIDAS-LAC network partners

-   Junior scientists and professionals working in the area of drought management

MWAR LAC - Managing Water Resources in Arid and Semi-Arid Regions of Latin America and the Caribbean