Objectives of the expert meeting

The expert meeting has the following objectives:

  • Exchange on the state of art and knowledge gaps on drought information systems (indices, monitoring, alert, data management, risk management)
  • Evaluation of the value of information and the effectiveness of existing information strategies from a stakeholder perspective
  • Derive demand for innovation (research / implementation) regarding drought risk management for different integrated information strategies.
  • Develop integrated approaches towards effective drought risk management considering the regional characteristics (climate, hydrology, cryosphere, storage, water demands).
  • Establish a community of practice (research-institutions-policy) on drought management with the aim to develop solutions and proposals

The main expected outcomes of the meeting are:

  • improved dialogue between science, policy, public and private sector regarding the state of the art to assess and manage droughts in drylands of Latin America
  • Formulated and documented research demand and need for action in the field of drought  management in the region through the establishment of Regional Working Groups and the development of a ‘Declaration on drought Management’.
  • Joint project proposals for the region are drafted and envisaged in line with donor requirements and funding options for drought risk management

MWAR LAC - Managing Water Resources in Arid and Semi-Arid Regions of Latin America and the Caribbean