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06.03.2014 20:43 Age: 8 yrs
Category: General

12 Chilean regions learn how to use the Agroclimatic Observatory

On the 6th of March a workshop was held for the professionals of the different regions of Chile supporting decision making related to agricultural emergencies, where 12 regions of Chile attended.

During this workshop the Agroclimatic Observatory was introduced to the professionals, and the region of Coquimbo was used as a study case. Through exercises it was demonstrated how the information available in the Agroclimatic Observatory can support decision making. The different maprooms and the different variables were explained as well how to search for local information. The objective of the exercises was to demonstrate how to interpret the different variables of the Agroclimatic Observatory and to indicate which variables can be consulted to answer specific questions on meteorological, hydrological and agricultural drought. During the second part of the workshop the Data Library was introduced, on which the Agroclimatic Observatory is build. During the last part of the workshop a dialog was established with the professionals from the different regions to discuss the need of specific information in their region. This information will be taken into account in the development of the second stage of the Agroclimatic Observatory in April-December 2014. You can find the manual here (Spanish)

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