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The ongoing drought disaster in some parts of the Central Andean region urges the need for seasonal and long term water availability predictions. Reliable discharge simulations are especially important for irrigation management in the intensively cultivated regions of central Chile and central western Argentina, but also for the water supply of Megacities as Santiago and Lima, as well as for industrial purposes. Water related decision makers and water users want to be enabled to select adequate tools for the provision of such predictions and to evaluate existent prognostics. Hence the symposium and training aims at increasing the knowledge about hydro-meteorological studies contributing to such predictions in the vulnerable Andean region.

Different monitoring, assessment and prediction tools are introduced to while highlighting the pros and cons of each method. Training units on the application of several of the tools is offered accompanied by a field trip to the Mapocho basin.

The symposium and training will intensify the science-policy dialogue regarding future availability of water resources in the Central Andean region.

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