Water & Development Information for Arid Lands: A Global Network - Latin America and the Caribbean
Agua y Desarrollo de la Información en las Zonas Áridas: Una Red Global - América Latina y el Caribe

International Seminar: Water Harvesting Techniques and Aquifer Recharge


A tool to deal with water scarcity

9-10 March 2017, Santiago, Chile


The UNESCO Global Network on Water and Development Information for Arid Lands (G-WADI) program aims to strengthen the global capacity to manage the water resources of arid and semi-arid areas. Its primary goal is to build an effective global community through integration of selected existing materials from networks, centers, organizations, and individuals who become members of G-WADI.

In the last decade, climate change has influenced changes in the frequency of the droughts and the patterns of precipitation events in the arid and semi-arid zones of Latin America and the Caribbean. As a consequence, monthly discharges in watercourses have decreased and the availability of water for human consumption, riverine ecosystems, agriculture, hydropower plants and industry is diminishing. On the other hand, it is being common that precipitation events are more intense than before, what limits the infiltration process and urges the development of infrastructure to store and retain runoff water.

Techniques for harvesting rainwater have been used since first human civilizations. However, the climate issues plus the increasing population and water consumption require these techniques to be more sophisticated and efficient. Additionally, infrastructure for rainwater harvesting has to be installed in areas where there was never any need for them and where experience regarding their use and design is lacking.

Therefore, it is of great interest for the IHP G-WADI program to enhance the knowledge and capacity of Latin America and the Caribbean professionals linked to water resources, by exchanging their experiences and creating a cooperation network in this matter. For this reason, in its role of Technical Secretariat of G-WADI program for LAC parties, CAZALAC is organizing the seminar “Rainwater harvesting techniques: A tool to deal with water scarcity”, under the auspice of the UNESCO-IHP. In an effort for starting with a background of published experiences on rainwater harvesting techniques, speakers will be asked for a five-page document that will be part of a formal publication and also part of a database that will be located on the G-WADI-LAC web-page (http://www.cazalac.org/2015/index.php?id=79).

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