Water & Development Information for Arid Lands: A Global Network - Latin America and the Caribbean
Agua y Desarrollo de la Información en las Zonas Áridas: Una Red Global - América Latina y el Caribe

International Seminar: Water Harvesting Techniques and Aquifer Recharge


A tool to deal with water scarcity

9-10 March 2017, Santiago, Chile


The objective of this seminar is to exchange and gather knowledge of different water harvesting techniques in the Latin-American and Caribbean region. It is desired to assemble the available information about the use, implementation and design of water harvesting techniques in the region. Participants will be asked to comment their experiences on this topic and the difficulties encountered. A cooperation network of the participating professionals will be created.
As an outcome of the seminar a paper will be written and published containing the gathered knowledge of the participants. It is the aim to create a proposal of possible actions to make some progress in the implementation of water harvesting techniques in (semi-) arid regions and areas vulnerable to water scarcity. 

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