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Technical Document PHI

Arid Zone Atlas

IHP-LAC Technical Document No. 25: Atlas of Arid Zones in Latin America and the Caribbean, developed in the framework of the preparation of the Atlas of Arid, semi-arid and humid areas of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Coordinating Institution: Center for Arid and Semi-Arid Latin America and the Caribbean. Participating institutions: CAZALAC, Chile - Project Coordinator, UNESCO-IHP-LAC, U. Ghent, Belgium - Flemish Government Scientific Counterparty, and AGRIMED, Chile - Scientific Coordinator.

Main contents of the White Paper: Methodological Description: Calculation of reference evapotranspiration, aridity indicators, indicators and Intensity Variability Regimes Aridity, Dryness zonation schemes; Results: Comparison of Methods for Calculating Potential Evaporation, Compare Aridity index, summary Aridity zoning Regimes in Latin America and the Caribbean, drylands percentage in each country, Aridity map of Latin America and the Caribbean, country maps Dryness.

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