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I Workshop, Santiago Chile

First Workhop participants


  • Jason Giovannettone - IWR,
  • James Wallis - University of Yale,


  • María Cristina Moyano - Instituto Nacional del Agua (INA),,
  • Raúl Díaz - Instituto de Clima y Agua - INTA,,


  • Oscar Felipe Obando - Servicio Nacional de Meteorología e Hidrología (SENAMHI),
  • Julia Acuña Azarte - Servicio Nacional de Meteorología e Hidrología (SENAMHI),


  • Alejandro León - Universidad de Chile,
  • Guillermo Tapia - Dirección General de Aguas,
  • Estefanía Rojas - Dirección General de Aguas,
  • Claudia Villarroel - Dirección Meteorológica de Chile,
  • Juan Pizarro - Dirección Meteorológica de Chile


  • Guido Soto - CAZALAC,
  • Jorge Nuñez - CAZALAC,
  • Manuel Soto - CAZALAC,
  • Koen Verbist - U.Gante.

Second Workshop on Drought Atlas, SENAMHI Lima, Peru

During the days March 31 and April 2, 2009 was the second Workshop on Drought Atlas Project in the building of the National Service of Meteorology and Hydrology of Peru (SENAMHI). The workshop was branded as a success by the attendees, about 27 professionals, mostly from SENAMHI but also included participants from Argentina, Chile, Ecuador and Mexico.

The workshop was attended by Drs James Wallis and Melvin Schaefer, as well as the representative of the IWR, Dr. Guillermo Mendoza. Both claimed to have been deeply impressed with the organization. The activity was aimed to present the project progress as well as training in the application of the methodology with the support of the LRAP software, especially developed in the framework of this project.

The following is a sample of images that clearly reflect the success of this second workshop.

Also, we highlight the major milestones of the activity:

Delivery of a copy of the LRAP software for each participant in the  project. These are the only 5 copies in the world, allowing fully develop the regional frequency analysis quickly and easily.  This puts CAZALAC project as a  world leader in the use of this methodology with last generation supporting tools.

Incorporation of Mexico and Ecuador to the project, opening the possibility of new pilot areas within countries and as new participants in Latin America and the Caribbean

Organization of a workshop with high international standard, at the level of European countries, resulting in high reference level for future activities.

Participants at the second Workshop


  •     James Wallis - University of Yale,
  •     Melvin Schefer – MGS Engineering Consultans, Olympia, WA
  •     Guillermo Mendoza - IWR


  • María Cristina Moyano - Instituto Nacional del Agua (INA),,
  • Sandra Flores:


  • Juan Julio Ordoñez - SENAMHI,
  • Oscar Felipe Obando - SENAMHI,
  • Julia Acuña Azarte - SENAMHI,
  • Darwin Santos Villar – Bachiller,
  • Gladis Chamorro de Rodríguez- SENAMHI,
  • José Ferreira Gómez – SENAMHI,
  • Waldo Lavado Casimiro – SENAMHI,
  • Ricardo Rosas Lujan – SENAMHI,
  • Wilson Suarez Alayza – SENAMHI,
  • Hector Vera Arevalo – SENAMHI,
  • Luis Vera Hernandez – SENAMHI,
  • Ricardo Villasis Cuestas – SENAMHI,
  • Karim Quevedo Lizaña – SENAMHI,
  • Yolanda Lapa – SENAMHI,
  • Dra Elyzabeth Silvestre – SENAMHI,
  • Juan Arboleda – SENAMHI,


  • Luis Morales - Universidad de Chile,
  • Raúl Naranjo - Universidad de Chile,
  • Guido Soto - CAZALAC,
  • Jorge Nuñez - CAZALAC,
  • Koen Verbist - U.Gante.


  • Michelle Hallack-Alegria – Universidad de Baja California,


  • Fanny Friend Montesdeoca – INAMHI,
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