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Water Use Eficiency - Coquimbo Region

FNDR study: Applying Methodologies to determine Water Use Efficiency, Case Study in the Region of Coquimbo. This activity was focused in the three main water basins of the region (Elqui, Limarí & Choapa).

General Objective

The project’s main objective was to research and learn on the efficient use of water resources, current use techniques, use efficiency and from this basis, to prepare specific proposals aimed at improving water use and formulate recommendations that will support users to make more informed decisions on issues involving water resources in the Region.

Specific objectives


  • a) To assess water use efficiency at a local level.
  • b) To assess water use efficiency at a global level.
  • c) To assess the current status through interviews with relevant actors.
  • d) Prepare specific proposals to improve water use by formulating an hydrological simulation model that will make it possible to simulate several situations and scenarios in the main water basins in the region.
  • e) Formulate recommendations or guidelines to assist users in making duly informed decisions regarding water resources.



Public organizations related to water research, knowledge and planning and private entities related to this issue, agricultures in general, water users’ organizations, Water Utilities, industries, among others are potential users of the information to be generated by this study.

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