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Main results

Recommendations generated by this study are of a structural and non-structural kind: from technical proposals for water use at a property or individual user level, to management and control recommendations and recommendations related to policies, adapting institutions or revising legislation.

The proposal of structural steps will likely include measures like the following:

  • Improving local agriculture operation
  • Improving irrigation techniques
  • Improving water attraction and conduction systems, and
  • Global improvements at a basin level.

In addition, several informative workshops on regulation aspects, like those related to rights, management, conflicts and financing, have been developed, as well as workshops to inform on the results obtained from this study. Dissemination material has also been prepared, consisting in a video, an educational publication and a poster including elements to create awareness on the importance of making an appropriate use of water resources for the quality of life of the population living in zones showing water shortage.

This study was developed in 7 phases, including the following aspects:

  • Data compilation
  • Methodology definition
  • Diagnosis of current status in the Elgui basin
  • Diagnosis of current status in the Choapa basin
  • Diagnosis of current status in the Elgui basin
  • Preparation of proposals and recommendations
  • Preparation of Final Report
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