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International Expert Symposium “Coping with Droughts”

‘Building a Community of Practice on Drought Management Tools’ 19th – 21st November 2014, Santiago, Chile Call for Abstracts Extended

Authors are invited to submit abstracts for presentations in line with the meeting topics before the 8th of October (last call).  Objectives of the expert meeting

The expert meeting has the following objectives:

  • Exchange on the state of art and knowledge gaps on drought information systems (indices, monitoring, alert, data management, risk management)
  • Evaluation of the value of information and the effectiveness of existing information strategies from a stakeholder perspective
  • Derive demand for innovation (research / implementation) regarding drought risk management for different integrated information strategies.
  • Develop integrated approaches towards effective drought risk management considering the regional characteristics (climate, hydrology, cryosphere, storage, water demands).
  • Establish a community of practice (research-institutions-policy) on drought management with the aim to develop solutions and proposals

Main expected outcomes of the meeting are:

  • improved dialogue between science, policy, public and private sector regarding the state of the art to assess and manage droughts in drylands of Latin America
  • Formulated and documented research demand and need for action in the field of drought  management in the region through the establishment of Regional Working Groups and the development of a ‘Declaration on drought Management’.
  • Joint project proposals for the region are drafted and envisaged in line with donor requirements and funding options for drought risk management


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