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07.04.2015 17:52 Age: 7 yrs
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By: H.Maureira

Delegation of Honduran government officials visit La Serena to learn about regional water management.

Participants learned about the effects of drought in the Elqui River and received training in hydrological field by CAZALAC.

The delegation, comprising representatives from various institutions of the Honduran government and UNDP Honduras, visited La Serena city last Tuesday, March 17, complying with the program "Technical Exchange in the Field of Water Resources and Drought. Chile - Honduras ".

The purpose of the visit was to know how water is managed in the Puclaro Dam; how the drought is affecting agriculture in the region and understand the dynamics of why the region is being affected by the shortage of water resources.

During the visit to Puclaro Dam, participants were accompanied by officers of the Board of Surveillance of Elqui River, who showed in situ the work done by them for a proper management of water resources in the basin of the Elqui River.

As an example of the above, a local farmer explained how the resolutions of the Supervisory Board of the Elqui River directly affect their future decisions, which are also influenced by the market.

Back in La Serena, an exhibition based on the Drought Atlas of Latin America and the Caribbean, which was created by CAZALAC, where the techniques used and the information needed to tailor it, was performed.

Then later, climatic phenomenons affecting the region, such as the El Niño and the Pacific Decadal Oscillation were analyzed.



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