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New Executive Director in CAZALAC

The engineer Guido Soto Álvarez, who from 2002 until June 2013 he served as Executive Director, after a successful and fruitful management, leaves office.

In his tenure as Director of CAZALAC, Mr. Soto led the implementation, commissioning and consolidation of the Water Center as a reference body around the management of water resources in the region of Latin America and the Caribbean , and has contributed to the formation of a major international network of centers under the Auspices of UNESCO, under which they have developed numerous initiatives, local, national and international in various lines: Integrated Water Resources Management, Increased Water supply, Climate Risk Management, Environmental Flows, water use efficiency, water and energy, among others.

Was replaced by the Dr. Gabriel Mancilla, noted scholar and researcher at the University of Chile, forester of 47 years. His studies include the Bachelor of Science in Forestry in 1990 and Title Professional Forester in 1995, both at the University of Chile. It also has the degrees of Master of Science (2001) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D., 2004) in Engineering Science with specialization in Engineering and Soil and Water Conservation at the University of the State of Washington (Washington State University , Biological Systems Engineering Department).

Dr. Mancilla comes from academia, serving as an academic and researcher at the Faculty of Forestry and Nature Conservation, University of Chile since 1995 in the areas of water resources and soil conservation.

Professionals and national and international organizations related to management of water resources, developed by management thank Mr. Soto, and underline their important contribution to a center CAZALAC consilidación of UNESCO concerning water resources in arid areas continent also wish you a successful management Dr. Mancilla, who began work in Jule of 2013.

Achievements of the past decade

During this period CAZALAC has made an important contribution in the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean, studies and projects developed within the Map highlighting Arid Zones of Latin America and the Caribbean; product that has been highly rated by the World Convention on Desertification, ECLAC and countries like Mexico, Peru, Argentina, among others.

Similarly, in the area of climate risk management, CAZALAC has played an important role in developing Drought Atlas for several countries, supported by the European Union, the Government of Flanders and UNESCO.

Together with the University of La Serena and the European Union also has corresponded develop watershed management projects with mining activities and training courses for national and foreign institutions.

Finally, we have created effective links and scientific networks with over twenty institutions in Latin America and Europe, giving the center a major international visibility in the field of water resources management in arid areas.

In another order, accounted for CAZALAC coordinate, jointly with the DGA, the first efforts in the region to form the Regional Water Board, also has been responsible for implementing projects of seawater desalination and develop hydrological models for the three main basins in the Region of Coquimbo and Huasco river Basin.

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