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Chile – Mexico Exchange Programme

From August 12th to 16th, 2013, and within the framework of the Chile–Mexico Exchange Program, Eng. Manuel Soto- Benavides, from CAZALAC Technical and Communication Unit, visited the Mexican Water Technology Institute (IMTA-Mexico).

The exchange Program is coordinated by the Regional Government of Coquimbo (cooperation in water resources management between the Regional Government of Coquimbo, Chile, and the Mexican Institute of Water Technology - IMTA). "During his visit to the sub-coordination of groundwater hydrology, Eng. Soto accessed to the main achievements and results of the projects: "Pilot of recharge in the Metropolitan Zone of City of Mexico aquifer” and "Recharging the aquifer of the Comarca Lagunera", plus a field visit to the study site at Mexico city. At the end of the meetings and field trips, Eng. Manuel Soto (CAZALAC), the M.C. Carlos Gutiérrez Ojeda (sub- coordinator of groundwater hydrology, IMTA), Dr. Edgar Yuri Mendoza Cázares (hydraulics expert, IMTA) and Jorge Breña (sub-coordinator of communication) analyzed the possible short- term actions that might lead to collaborative projects between the institutions. It is interesting for the parties to conduct research for developing techniques for recharging aquifer, by means of the transfer of the knowledge previously acquired by the IMTA staff, and the development of research projects to solve specific problems in the aquifers of arid and semi-arid areas of Chile.
The main topics that are expected to generate joint research work are:

  • Aquifers in arid and semi-arid areas (Mexico-Chile)
  • Recharge techniques.
  • Remote sensing techniques and its application to evaluate the recharge.
  • GIS: it’s utility in the recharge of aquifers and water quality.
  • Mexico-Chile experiences.
  • Identifying fields for joint research, writing proposals and joint application to national and international funding.


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